activMAP – The Motivation Behind Your Movement

Why did you love certain sports as a kid and not others? Why did you always have the most fun by playing particular games? Why have you always been attracted to certain forms of exercise?

We believe that you are the greatest miracle in the world.  You were designed with unique gifts and a personality unlike anyone else in the universe. There are things that drive you that go DEEP down to the core of who you are. Those sports, those games, those exercises – there is something ABOUT them that touches you at the core.

We have a core belief that the best starting point is not talking, or prescribing programs, or sharing our expertise, but listening. We start with YOUR STORY.

Our friends and partners at SIMA International share this core belief. They’ve been developing the SIMA MAP for over 50 years by listening to the stories of over 80,000 people and understanding the patterns of motivation that have been present throughout their entire lives, from their first toy to their first high school touchdown to their latest achievement at work. There are certain patterns of motivation that are enduring, irresistible, insatiable, and explanatory. They are masters at bringing it to light. This is their craft.

Nearly two years ago, we partnered with SIMA to use the 50+ years of experience of their original MAP to develop an activMAP. How does your Motivated Abilities Pattern play out in embodied, physical, action? This is the purpose of the activMAP.

Understanding this is the key to understanding how to turn ordinary action into inspired action. And that’s how Craft is born.

Now, we’re opening up this development project to our Activators at ACTIVEIGHT. Every single person in attendance at ACTIVEIGHT will be given the opportunity to tell their story and receive a free activMAP analysis with professional facilitation. The cost of a MAP normally exceeds the cost of admission. As part of this special weekend, though, it’s our gift to you.

Your presence at this event already reveals a desire to use fitness to serve a greater purpose. Helping people understand how they uniquely motivated can open up doorways that lead to inspired action OUTSIDE of the gym. Isn’t that, after all, what it’s all about?

Most importantly, you’ll come away from the experience with one more tool as a coach, as a friend, as a family-member, and as a leader to ACTIVEIGHT the people you encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Eyes UP Rise UP.

More to come.





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