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The newest face of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” gets activated!

We’re excited to announce that our long time friend, peer and straight up soul sister, Jen Widerstrom will be in the house at the activeight experience in October.  She will literally be flying in from  the Season 16 “Glory Days” set to be with us.

Our host David Jack first met Jen on the set of what was at the time, a ground-breaking fitness DVD series in which they presented as co-leads.  A spirit of teamwork and life long friendship was born and it continues to grow.

Jen has an amazing story.  She has experienced nearly every level of success (and coincidentally, challenge, “funny” how that happens) that you would hope to achieve as a fitness professional, and human being, including multiple roles as a national television star.  But her greatest asset, her ace in the hole, the one  that she uses to activate others, and in turn herself, dawned on David when she first called to tell him that she was named to the Biggest Loser cast.  We will share that story and much more with you in Phoenix.

This is a special woman, and you will be grateful you met her.  Jen, we are honored to have you, and know the sacrifice you’re making to come out during the TV season.  Thank you for acting inspired for an intention greater than self!

With many thanks and BIG love!




Jen Widerstrom

Jen Headshot CAA

To learn more about Jen, her fitness success, and her huge humanitarian heart, visit the following link: